Woven Scrim Laminated Al foil

  1. Woven-Scrim-Laminated-Al-foil

An aluminium film will be placed between the roof tiles and the structure of the roof. This film shall be made of synthetic structure (not paper based) to resist high  moisture environment. Its reflective face will be placed up both side and will be of pure aluminium (not metallised) for a radiation reflection higher than 95%.

Property Test Method Unit Results
Grammage ISO 536 g/sqm
110-140 (+/-5%)
Tensile – MD and CD AS 4200.1 N/50mm 350 – 400 and100 – 200
Elongation – MD and CD AS 4200.1 % 15±5
Force at break – MD and CD ASTM D 2261 N 100±20
Water Vapour – transmission rate ASTM F 1249 g/m2/day 1
Emittance of surface Aluminium foil ASTM E 408 % 97±2
Working Temperature Range - Celsius -50 to 110’C

Structure:     UV & FR Woven Fabric + PE + Al Foil  Or Both Side Metalized /  Al Foil  Also Available
Width of the roll:     100mm ~1250mm
Core:             3 inch.
Length :        According to the customers’ demand.
Colour:         silver, white, black, deep blue, light blue, orange.



  1. Laminated Aluminium Foil For Air Bubble Insulations
  2. Reinforced  for Foam Insulations Materials Manufacturing
  3. Poly Coated Al foil For Heat Lamination with Foam
  4. Extruded  PE Coated Al foil For Heat Lamination with Air Bubble Film
  5. PE coated Pure Foil For Glass Wool Insulations
  6. PE coated Al foil For Thermal Insulations Materials
  7. Plastic coated Al foil For Reflective Insulations Barrier
  8. Reinforced Scrim Laminated Aluminium Foil For Insulation Industries
  9. Coated Pure Reflective Al foil For Reflective Insulations Industries..
  10. Foil Laminated Paper and Paper Board For  Multi Colour Printing Industries.
  11. Heat insulation material
  12. Al foil for Protective Packaging Material
  13. Laminated Foil for Plastic flexible laminates

Other Information:

  1. Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer), RTGS
  2. Minimum Order Quantity: 3000 Square Meter
  3. Port of Dispatch: Mundra
  4. Production Capacity: 500000-Sq-Mtr-Per-Month
  5. Delivery Time: 1 Week After Order Conformation