Insulated Aluminium Foil

  1. Insulated Aluminium Foil

Insulated Aluminium Foil like PATIDAR FNW & PATIDAR FNWF are Reflects most of radiation heat (blocks 97% of radiation heat) . Apply Nonwoven fabric which is a fabric-like material made from long fibbers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment as backing, reflective aluminium foil as the outer surface laminated together by LDPE / acrylic adhesive, this foil insulation radiant barrier is light weight, environment friendly, soft and easy to fold; usually be installed in dry environment to prevent heat conduction and thermal radiant.

Structure:     UV & FR Non Woven Fabric + PE + Metalized PET / Al Foil  Or Both Side Metalized / / Al Foil  Also Available
Width of the roll:     100mm ~1250mm
Core:             3 inch.
Length :        According to the customers’ demand.
Colour:         silver, white, black, deep blue, light blue, orange.
Insulated Aluminium Foil is light in weight, excellent tear-resistance & good puncture resistance & excellent water vapour resistance and higher tensile strength. It is easy to handle during construction.  Anti-aging, peel strength, and printable

Other Packaging Usage:

Metalized film / Al Foil Laminated non woven fabric used in  flexible packaging, waterproof material, decorative material, foodstuff packaging, barrier material, Low heat shrinkage, well tensile strength, aluminium coating is well-proportioned has very high lusted degree, light reflectivity reach 98%, suitable for yarn, cling packaging, cosmetic packaging and tobacco and liquor packaging…