Coated Aluminium Foil For Air Bubble Insulations

  1. Coated-Aluminium-Foil-For-Air-Bubble-Insulations

M/S, Patidar Corporation was started in 2009 for the manufacture and marketing of Aluminum foil based packaging. The company is equipped with Latest Extrusion laminations of Aluminum foil with paper, Paperboard and various plastic films. Beside they do have in-house Auxiliaries facility. M/S, Patidar Corporation has the capacity for processing 100 Tons of foil in assorted thickness a month. 

At M/S. Patidar  Corporation, we provide a comprehensive array of Industrial PE Coated Aluminium Foil and Aluminium Foil Laminated Material by Extrusions Process , which is extensively demanded by many industries and printing company owing to their superior quality as below.

Poly Coated Al Foil Application:

PE Coated Aluminium Foil For Air Bubble Insulations

  1. PE Coated Foil for Foam Insulations Materials Manufacturing
  2. Poly Coated Al foil For Heat Lamination with Foam
  3. Extruded  PE Coated Al foil For Heat Lamination with Air Bubble Film
  4. PE coated Pure Foil For Glass Wool Insulations
  5. PE coated Al foil For Thermal Insulations Materials
  6. Plastic coated Al foil For Reflective Insulations Barrier
  7. Reinforced Scrim Laminated Aluminium Foil For Insulation Industries
  8. Coated Pure Reflective Al foil For Reflective Insulations Industries..
  9. Foil Laminated Paper and Paper Board For  Multi Colour Printing Industries.
  10. Heat insulation material
  11. Al foil for Protective Packaging Material
  12. Laminated Foil for Plastic flexible laminates
  13. Soap and detergent industries
  14. Pharmaceuticals
  15. Food
  16. Paper cup industries
  17. Ice Cream
  18. Multi wall paper bags industries


  1. Hot melting  provides good surface adhesion for other materials.
  2. Can be pasted or laminated using methods suitable for hot melting treated polyester
  3. Excellent handling characteristics
  4. Available in special grade suitable for lamination